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We Are in El Sallab for Trading and Distribution

More Than 5000 product in one Market in El Sallab Tower

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El Sallab was established in 1912 by the grandfather trading in finishing products with the sanitary products. the company was reformed into two main divisions sanitary and ours which is the finishing materials in 1991.

The Office

Address: Main branch : 56 Moustafa El-Nahas Nasr City

Mansoura branch:

El-Sallab Tower, Gezerat El-Ward

Tel#: 050 2390999 – 050 2391400

Fax#: 050 2390303

Facebook page: El Sallab Co. for Trading & Distribution

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El Sallab company for trading and distribution

Eng/Tarek El-Sallab

Phone: Tel #: 02 22734113 - 02 22733581 Fax # : 02 227344275


Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday - 9am to 2pm

Sunday - Closed