Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

By direct and continuous meeting and by analysis of our Customer satisfaction form.

As we are horizontal organization we mainly use the direct contact with all our staff.

By training form evaluation and business results.

Mainly through measuring customer satisfaction and business results.

We were certified by ISO 9001-94 ( for 6 years ) which indicates that our R & D department is highly qualified . We are certified now by the new ISO 9001-2000.

Based on our customers & market needs we always keep searching for technical support by know how transfer with international company , receiving free lancer consultants and training ( locally and abroad )

Through : – Quality control department , R& D department .

Using and audit the customer order form, we insure day by day process requirement

According to ISO requirements we deliver product to customer within acceptable time, verified by customer order form .

Market needs are our data base for start design and product

Production of specialty industrial chemicals mainly in textile, carpet & paint industries

We already have it , but through our regular brain storming meeting we can know the appropriate modified environment needed , which followed by approving ,supporting and affording

We are producing specialty chemicals used for Textile as auxiliaries for dyeing and printing, Paper industries as optical brightener & others Carpet industries as back Coating, Paint & Adhesives industry ( Binder)

It is mainly direct to customer , our business is mainly B TO B .


Being one of the best producers of specialty industrial chemicals in all the Middle East

Double our capacity , keeping our staff well trained and export our products

Emulsion polymerization is our main production using 2 reactors ( 10 ton & 2 ton) Along with 4 different size tanks ( 30 ,5, 3, 2 ton )

Because we have business in different industries our position varies according to the field of our sales: polymers we are No .3 Textile one of the top ten Others moderate

We try to support the community mainly by keeping our environment clean

The monthly bonus and annual salary increase is our way to reward the outstanding performance